CFO Services and Accounting for Consumer Product Brands

Empowering startups, mid-market and high growth companies with strategic financial advisory, FP&A, and controller-level accounting solutions.

We are fractional CFO services firm. We help clients with cash flow management, fundraising, financial modeling, working capital advisory, inventory planning, monthly accounting close, and more. We are built to support founder-led companies grow with strong financial discipline.


Helping Startups and High Growth Brands Grow With Confidence

Fractional CFO and COO

Helping you drive business performance, identify revenue growth opportunities, discuss risks and mitigation plans, organization leadership. Our CFO and COO capabilities are designed to help you build a plan for the future: advising on both financial and operational components of the business

Financial Reporting & Business Analytics

Get a 360 degree view on your business with our KPI dashboard and advanced financial analytics. Designed for entrepreneurs - a holistic visual on business health and performance.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting should be a strategic part of your company. We bring fractional controller and accounting management to our clients; from cash to accrual conversion to enabling financial accounting and GAAP-friendly best practices. Our financial packets are robust and provide supporting documentation to ensure close is done accurately and timely.

Forecasting, Modeling & Fundraising

From robust financial and operating models to scenario planning and cash flow forecasting, we bring our industry expertise to help you shape your path ahead.
We've helped startups raise $50M+ in the last 12 months.

Inventory Planning & Merchandising

Product assortment, SKU strategy, Open To Buy process and holistic advising on inventory; we work closely with clients to ensure working capital needs are aligned with demand plans (cash conversion cycle being key priority).

Exit Strategy and
M&A Support

Assemble defensible financials and provide a clear strategy for M&A. Working cross-functionally with sponsors to run a smooth process and data room.

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Strategic CFO

Strategic Planning
Cash Flow Forecasting
‍Organizational Leadership
Executive Coaching
Financial Infrastructure
‍M&A Support
Exit Strategy

Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial Modeling
Budget Strategies
Expense Management
Variance Analysis
Open To Buy Inventory
Scenario Planning
Working Capital Management
‍Credit Packaging & Debt Raise


Month-End Closing
Expense Tracking
Software Implementation
Internal Controls
Accounting Organization
Financial Reporting
Risk Management


Create Financial Statements
Bank Reconciliation
Credit Card Reconciliation
Prepare GL and Journal Entries
AR / AP Support
Payroll Support
Assist CPA Firm

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WHO we are

Helping You Drive Business Performance

We’re a vertically integrated firm and embed our team of experienced professionals into clients’ operations. We are a true financial partner for our clients - an extension of their team. From fractional CFO-level engagement and financial planning & analysis (FP&A) to accounting and bookkeeping.

We take a holistic approach to our client partnerships and provide a fractional financial team with strong aptitude and relevant experience.

Our engagement model is operationally focused and cost-effective. It aligns best with companies looking for a part-time CFO that can provide financial guidance and advisory whilst driving financial planning, accounting and bookkeeping.

Our primary objective is to help our clients get a firmer grip on their business, create accurate and timely financial statements and forecasts, and to help them grow with confidence.

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Thought leadership

Our Thoughts On Finance & Economics

We Help Teams Make Smarter Decisions

We combine our collective experience across finance, strategy and operations to enable smarter insights and better decision making.

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