Strategic CFO Services and Accounting for Consumer Brands

FinanceWithin offers full-service finance and accounting services to startups, mid-market and growth-focused brands. We specialize in working with DTC, retail and CPG brands.

We Help Clients Build Investor-Grade Businesses

Fractional CFO

Strategic planning, performance improvement, governance and compliance, investor relations, fundraising, capital market solutions.


Cash flow forecasting, financial modeling, budgeting strategies, cost control, KPI dashboards, scenario planning, debt management.

Financial Operations

Working capital advisory, cash planning for inventory, omnichannel S&D planning, insurance and contracts review, growth strategy and expansion.

Accounting Services

Controller level monthly close, investor-ready financial reporting, supporting documentation against each close, AP, support on setting internal controls.

Cash Flow Management Done Right

Optimize your cash flow and manage working capital effectively and efficiently. From 13 week cash forecasting to liquidity planning, our advisory helps clients improve their cash conversion cycle, have a better strategy around debt and financing solutions, and  improve business performance.

Growing Profitably

We help our clients analyze opportunities for margin expansion, cost controls, pricing strategies, benchmarking against category, and enabling proper systems for sustainable growth.

Financial Models Informing Strategy

We develop internal forecasting modeling leveraging scenario planning and desired future performance goals. We transpose this into a KPI dashboard that provides valuable insights to guide annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly strategy.

Controller Level Monthly Close

We want our clients' financial reporting to be bankable and defensible. We manage and run accrual basis and financial accounting best practices for our clients. Our controller-level monthly closes provide supporting documentation to help clients navigate through credit underwriting, quality of earnings, internal audits and more.

Debt & Equity: Capital Markets Solutions

We enable our clients to win. Debt is a tool - when leveraged - properly can help companies grow. We help our clients become bankable and credit worthy. Same is true if they plan to raise equity capital (whether it's early stage or late stage growth capital). Our strategies are customized to each client as needs vary. We run a consultative process before making introductions.

Exit Strategy and M&A Support

We help assemble defensible financials and discuss a clear strategy for M&A. We work closely with your financial sponsor to run a smooth process and manage the data room on your behalf. We operate as an extension of your team.

Business is a Team Sport - Trusted Network of Partners

We have a broad and deep network of credit funds, equity investors, banking institutions, FinTech platforms, law firms, CPAs, and others to help our clients win. We specialize in our core competency of providing CFO services across finance and accounting and make introductions to our trusted partners when our clients need support across other areas of their business.

Specializes in Consumer Product Brands - DTC and CPG

We bring an investor's perspective with an operator’s discipline, emphasizing strong performance. We integrate seamlessly with our clients and operate as an extension of their team.

"FinanceWithin has gone above and beyond in creating pristine financial hygiene and a solid accounting foundation for our business.  Their precision along with a proactive approach to identifying opportunities, has been extremely instrumental in setting us up for growth and success."
Founder and CEO
“We’ve been working with FinanceWithin for the past 6 months and they’ve been instrumental in helping us make major decisions when it comes to how we run our business. From understanding & reviewing the different ways to fund our business to helping us forecast & manage cash flow, it’s been a huge relief to work with experts who genuinely care about NoonBrew.”
“FinanceWithin is an incredible strategic partner. I never hesitate to refer them clients in need of financial planning, fundraising guidance, restructures, and operational support, as well as the full accounting services of FinanceWithin.  As a trusted Community model that is a destination for brands and founders seeking growth strategy and execution - FW’s passion for founders and generosity of spirit makes them a critical player in our mission to support companies at all stages.”
Founder and CEO
“For nearly half a decade, Faheem has been an integral part of our organization’s growth and success. He has an incredible knack for curating superlative teams, and I have no hesitation trusting our delicate ledgers and strategic decisions to FinanceWithin’s expert advisory.  In a turbulent world, FinanceWithin seamlessly covers our gaps and provides exactly the expertise we need to ensure our business is strong and growing.”
“In the past year of working with the FinanceWithin team, they have become so much more than partners in building our performance forecast, securing financing solutions and establishing accounting best practices. They are now among my most trusted advisors and confidants in driving the critical and sensitive decisions I face as a CEO/Founder.”
Founder and CEO

Grow with Confidence

We’re built for entrepreneurs and founders. We go beyond just proformas and credits equals debits. We think through the mechanics of the business and build financial frameworks to unlock real value in brands.

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